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Re: Permanent Make-Up.

[quote=PhOeNiX_OaSiS]This is not for everyone, what if I looked creepy afterwards, like some wannabe rockster. Oh, the thought![/quote]

i've noticed it on many women lately. both thick cleopatra style and very thin as almost not noticeable.  the thinner looked better.  however, i do love the dramatic dark smoky eye affect for an evening dinner/club look.

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Re: Permanent Make-Up.

lol...see what I mean. Both looks can be very nice. How can you just choose one to be stuck on forever (or 10 years).



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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Re: Permanent Make-Up.

I wouldn't do it... only because I like to play with my makeup too much... so it just wouldn't be for me...

besides, I think it's just a tad creepy... then again I've seen some bad permanent makeup before... *shudders*

But on the other side, the eyebrows don't seem that bad... as long as you have eyebrows to begin with (the sharpie look was never in, and never will be)..... but, back to me being me, I like to change my hair color too much to make my eyebrows one color for the rest of my life (yes if I make a significant change in haircolor, I'll dye my eyebrows too... red hair and blonde eyebrows is just a no no)

Re: Permanent Make-Up.

Hi Hot2na~

I'm from So Cal also and am looking into permanent eyeliner. Would you be so kind as to tell me who did your friend's eyes? I'd appreciate the recommendation.

Re: Permanent Make-Up.

[quote=KimberlyP]Hi Hot2na~ I'm from So Cal also and am looking into permanent eyeliner. Would you be so kind as to tell me who did your friend's eyes? I'd appreciate the recommendation.[/quote]

hey there KimberlyP. the eyes were actually done in gold canyon, arizona. sorry. i don't know enough about so cal to recommend anyone there. however, we have a lot of so cal members that may respond. you can also ask PinkyV02 in her cali girls thread here.

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Re: Permanent Make-Up.

I have seen some terrible results from this.  Just bad, bad, bad.  I personally like to switch up my makeup so this is definitely not for me.  Just be sure to do LOTS of research if you ever decide to really do it. 

Re: Permanent Make-Up.

I say go for it! I am a makeup artist and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly! Regardless of what my opinion may have been about their procedures, each and everyone of them loved their look.(which is all that matters, right?) Just like any other cosmetic procedure: do your research, locate the best artist in your area, and look at their portfolio...if you like what you see, then do-it-to-it!

Re: Permanent Make-Up.

My mother was considering this, and I talked her out of it, though I'm not sure I should have. I think it all depends on how okay you are with having something tattooed permanently on your face, though to my knowledge these are designed to fade after a number of years. I actually think people can look great with no makeup at all - nothing on their eyes, brows, and especially not on their mouths - so long as their skin looks clear and healthy. It'd suck not to be able to wash off your makeup when you feel like looking 'fresh' or un-made-up, but then again I suppose that's not a concern for somebody who'd like permanent make-up. The brows and even the eyeliner seem like good options to go with if you wear eye make-up frequently, but I'd steer clear from the has so much potential to look ridiculous, especially if you end up smudging off your lipstick, eating out, etc., or if you just want to put on lip balm and leave the house.

Re: Permanent Make-Up.

Hi PhOeNiX_OaSiS,
I agree with you. Permanent makeup is not for everyone.
I don't like to wear make up daily. I only apply eye liner and kajal on eyes in daily routine.


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