A Phone Made of Glass Can Kiss My....Butt

Most of my readers know that I absolutely love my Nexus 4. It can do everything Google wants a phone to do but there are hardware issues. I have already written an article about the blurry pictures with HDR and today I quickly found out why you do not want to make a phone that is made completely of glass. Today I was at a golf tournament live updating via Twitter and Google Plus and my phone fell about three feet to the ground and the back of it cracked it two separate places. I am not extremely mad because it is my fault but one would think the phone would be more durable.

Glass is Not Good for the Back of a Phone

I realize that glass is the best thing to use for the cover of the phone for the touch screen but on the back of the phone it does not work as well. My phone is extremely slippery and there is not a Nexus 4 case available to cover the entire phone. There is a bumper case that I should have purchased but I never had a case on my phone. I guess I learned my lesson quickly. As stated earlier, this is entirely my fault but it is not something that would have happened with an iPhone or even the other plastic Android phones.

Just the other day I made the comment that I was going to try to sell my black Nexus 4 to get a white Nexus 4. I guess that is now out of the question. I know that there is nothing wrong with having a crack on the back of my phone but it is the principle. I always look at individuals with cracks on their phones and think of them as irresponsible. I am now that guy. I would assume I could probably get it fixed but I haven't even started the research on how long this would take or where I could do it.

In the next few days I am going to post a picture on Google+ to see what the experts think. I know there are quite a few Google employees that follow me so maybe they will have some valuable suggestions. Unfortunately, I do not want to drop another $300 to get a new Nexus 4. At this point I will use the cracked one and see what happens. If the crack goes across the camera I am going to have to take some action. I happen to use my smartphone to take many pictures.Broken glass on Nexus 4

Will the Cracks Expand?

I have had a crack in the windshield of my vehicle and I know it expands over time. That is due to the temperature change as the glass contracts and expands. The fact that my smartphone should not have huge temperature changes makes me think that the cracks will not expand. As I look at the back of my phone one of the cracks just messed going across the camera lens. I was very fortunate that this happened but another drop will probably end it for my black Nexus 4.

This phone has been amazing for me when it comes to software but the hardware has been an issue. Interestingly, one of the employees at AT&T mentioned that he would not buy an LG phone because of the hardware issues. If there is another major hardware issues I may have to jump ship and get another Google smartphone. Unfortunately, the pure Google phones are very expensive at this point. The Nexus 4 is the most affordable at $300. The HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are both $600 if you want to pure Google model.

By pure Google I mean the phone will not have any Samsung or AT&T bloatware. It will also be push to update as soon as the newest Android operating system is out. One of the biggest issues I had with the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket was the fact that I could not get the latest Android operating system until AT&T allowed me. This was a huge pain in my rear end and basically pushed me to buy the Nexus 4 in February of 2013.

Non Contract Android Smartphones

Another reason that I made the purchase of the Nexus 4 was because it was a non contract phone. If I want to go to AT&T today and get a Samsung Galaxy S4 or another Android phone I can sign the two year contract and get it much cheaper. Sadly, these will not be pure Google Android phones. Even though this is the case they will be phone that have cases and they will probably be much more durable than my current Nexus 4.

Over the next few weeks I am going to give the Nexus 4 some time. If there are more cracks and breaks in the hardware I am going to be forced to make a decision. I may end up sending it back to Google to see if they can simply fix the back that is broken. If this is not possible I must decide what is worth my money. I am not a huge fan of Samsung because of all the  push to update issues. As soon as I buy the latest Galaxy a new operating system will come out and I will be left to wait it out just as I did over the past year.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. As I have stated, I have a very powerful Google+ following that will likely steer me in the right direction. This is not something I like to deal with but it does allow me to ask some interesting questions to those of power. I may even have the chance to take to one of the Android hardware guys about some of the issues I am having with my Nexus 4.

If I have to fork over $50 to get it fixed that is understandable as it was my fault that I dropped it.




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