Save Money On Your Phone Bill

Did you know you can use your high speed internet connection to replace your telephone with VOIP?
You don't even need a computer!

After getting fed-up with my high monthly telephone bill I started looking for alternatives. After looking at several "internet" phone (VOIP) companies I decided to give Vonage a try. I decided to use Vonage because 1) they are the largest 2) they had a money-back guarantee at the time and 3) I had a few friends that tried Vonage and they were very happy.

I signed up for their service online and Vonage sent the equipment to my home via UPS. I was surprised that it only took 2 days to arrive.

Installation was simple!

Just plug-in the Vonage router to the cable modem, then connect the PC into the router. Total setup time was about 5 minutes - 3 of those minutes were spent getting to the back of my PC where the internet connection is.

I got to keep my phone number

When signing up I had the option to keep my existing number or get a new phone number. I choose to keep my existing number, but Vonage does not actually port my phone number until after I gave them the approval. This left my current telephone service unchanged in case I decided Vonage was not for me. After a week I was happy, and gave Vonage the approval to switch my telephone number.

911 was not a concern

I've read a lot about 911 service not working on internet phone services. Well, this is not correct. The truth is, 911 works differently. You must register your home address with Vonage so they can transmit your address to your local emergency call center if you dial 911 from your phone. I tested my 911 service early one Wednesday morning (in hopes they would not be busy) and it worked as advertised. If you decide to try an internet phone service, be sure to carefully read or ask how they handle 911 calls.

Internet phone service is only as good as your internet connection!

For most people internet telephone service works great. If you have problems with your internet connection you will have to complain to your internet service provider to get the issues resolved. For free help testing your internet connection for internet telephone service, click here for our VOIP internet connection test page.

Now i save over $50 a month!

After I had the Vonage service for a few weeks I was totally satisfied and canceled my 'old fashioned' telephone service, which was running about $70 per month. Now I pay $16.35 per month after taxes and fees, which allows me 500 minutes per month of outbound calls anywhere in the U.S. and unlimited incoming calls, unlimited 800# calls, and unlimited calls to other Vonage customers.

After one year of Vonage internet phone service I can say that I am very happy, and I have saved over $600!


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