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photobucket help

i need help in my photobucket account..i forgot my password and the problem is i dont have any access to my email that i used...can someone please please help me to open it



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This is the forum for facebook and friendster so i'm not sure if your question will get an answer so quickly.


I just looked in the photobucket help area on the site and here is what it says to do in this situation:


"If you are unable to retrieve your account information via our normal process, we will need to gather further details from you regarding your Photobucket account. If the information you provide matches the registration information we have on record for the account, we will send you the current password.

Please click the ‘contact us’ link below and answer the following questions to prove that you are the owner of the Photobucket account:

What is the first and last name registered with the account?

What is your Photobucket username?

Please provide an estimate of how many images and videos are currently in the account.

What country was selected for the account?

What email address is currently registered with the account?

Approximately when was the account registered (year and month)?

What is the account owner's date of birth?

What postal code was registered with the account?

Is the account a free or Pro account?

Are there any sub albums in the account? If so, please provide the name of one or two of the sub albums.

Please provide a detailed description of one or two unique images or videos from the account. (Ex: A woman with long brown hair, wearing a white coat with a fur collar, holding a mobile phone in her left hand)

Please note that we do not guarantee that we will be able to recover the album for you. If you cannot provide the details that were given when you created the account - or you used fictitious information to fill out the registration page we will not provide you with the account."

 So theres a chance that you can get it back :) Just make sure you give them all the information you can in regard to your account. If not then i'd advise you try get into your e-mail accound- if you have forgotten that password go through the security questions. Otherwise just keep thinking about what sorts of passwords you normally use and the type of thing it was, you never know it may jog your memory as to your password. 

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Re: photobucket help
I dont know my email that I used for PhotoBucket. My name is Raquel Preciado birthdate 2/22/91.

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