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Re: Photobucket upload date

Except that doesn't help so much now. All of the "date" and "time" information seems to be stripped from the files. Anything referring to dates or times now =null

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Re: Photobucket upload date

Photobucket no longer lets you get this information. They have stripped it from all the files you can manage to see including page source. This is what it now shows on all information about your photo meta details
"modificationDate":null,"creationDate":null,"user id: <--your user id number
They even have a script inside the page source that specifically strips the information.
I'm going to copy and paste part of this and use "quotes" in place of the < >

"div class='strip'"
"div class='stripContent'"
"div id='mediaDetailTarget'" "/div"
"div class="MEDIAComponent.Detail.Detail"
"script type="text/javascript""
Pb.InitEventQueue.addToDomReady(function() {
Pb.Data.Shared.get(Pb.Data.Shared.MEDIA).sequence = "currentMedia";
(new Pb.Component.Media.Media({
'currentTarget': Pb.Data.Shared.get(Pb.Data.Shared.MEDIA),
'canEdit': true,
'showPagination': true,
'canCopy': false,
'isMobile': false,
'showPreview': false,
'showDetails': false }));
{"type":9,"url":"https:\/*******right here would be the link to your photo. I am not showing my photo link******" src=pb","label":false,"identifier":"stripped"
}, Pb.InitEventQueue.HIGH_PRIORITY);

Re: Photobucket upload date

Damn, that's annoying. I just tried it now and they've finally changed it. They must've changed it within the past two weeks or so, I only recently was looking at my upload dates. Luckily I was smart enough to record every upload date of my images on Photobucket as I thought something like this might happen (It took a LONG time but at least I have it!). I don't know why they don't want us to have that information, it's so weird.


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