Pirates of the Caribbean 4

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Evidently Johnny Depp appeared as Jack Sparrow at Disney's D23 expo today... announcing that the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was set for theater release in summer of 2011...

Not sure how I feel about this... I loved the 3 movies... but I felt fairly satisfied with it ending there... 

Plus, Keira Knightley will not be playing her character....... and we all know how well movies do when they change the main actors... can Johnny's Deppness make up for that?  Who knows...

On top of that, Summer 2011 seems pretty far away for an announced movie release, so it must still be in the beginning stages... that or they're working around some heavy schedules...

I'll be there at the theater when it comes out, but I'm not expecting to like it as much as the others... although I do hope I'm proven wrong.

Oh yeah... and no Orlando Bloom for you Bloom lovers....  so maybe it's just a Jack Sparrow type story... I could live with that...




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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

 Eh, i can live just fine without kira (ick), and orlando. hes ok to look at, but *shrug* ive seen better.

I cant get enough pirates, and its one of the only movies that i like johnny depp in, so im excited!


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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

I agree. It was all about Johnny Depp for me in those movies. Jack Sparrow is a great character and I think he can hold the movie. 3 must not have been too memorable for me. I know I've seen it I just can't think of the plot/ending.

Re: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

if it makes you feel any better, I just watched the trailer and can't remember it...

I remember him going crazy and seeing multiple jacks... that's it... and I think that was like at the very beginning... over a peanut...

Re: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

all i can say is that you can never get enough j.d. and by the time it comes out i will have to watch the other 3 to refresh my mind. which means more money for the production studio or whomever. its brilliant.

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