Playing With Myself.

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Playing With Myself.

I am an Eight Letters In Search Of A Word freak! The entire site has great single player games, and I am a word game junkie. In scrabble, I am ruthless and I am an avid Scrabble ass kicker.

What single player games do you like? Please be so kind as to list the site so I can check them out Wink!


Re: Playing With Myself.

me too!  word jumble...i can do the whole puzzle including the riddle in 30- 45 seconds usually.  love it, really gets the brain going in the morning.

btw love the subject of the thread, lol!! 

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Re: Playing With Myself.

I like the number games

Re: Playing With Myself.

Lot's of fun games here,

and I also go to this site when I am bored.

Re: Playing With Myself.

almost forgot! when i am in my 8-letter word zone, mini me is busy at it as well on her fav word game site funbrain (for kids).

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Re: Playing With Myself.

Not to mention that you can read the Diary of A Wimpy Kid for free on funbrain.



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