please help with comments

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please help with comments

this may sound really stupid but how do u view your comments from your home page. A while ago there was a button that said manage comments but then they got rid of it and put other stuff there. . . i used to just view my profile to see the comments but now i hid my comments on my site so now i don't know how to see them other than when i recieve one and just click on new comments. . . PLEASE HELP!!! THANK YOU!!


got the same problem a while

got the same problem a while back, haha


use this link and save it to your favorites and replace the #### with your id !

daz also the way to look at comment box who r hidden from other users

But not in private profiles...

I tried to see if it would work for a private one and it doesn't!

Bummer! Yell

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thank you

thank u so much that really helps :]

re: help with comments

i don't know of any way to view them from your home page anymore. but if you go to your "edit profile" page, there is a link in the upper right-hand corner that says "edit comments." that will take you to your comments page, also.

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