hi5 help !!!

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hi5 help !!!

hi every one ... i need your help ... actually i hav prob..
my situation is tat i got my frnd on hi5 after a long time... so v had a gud talk in a last few days but now i am not gettin ne reply frm him .....& the problem is tat i dont hav his phone no. or email id ... so is there ne way i can get his email id through his account???
Actually u all might be knowing but.... hi5 always needs a email id 2 login so i think there must be a way 2 get his email id ....

u people can only help me get my frnd back...plzzzzzzzz guys

i know u all can do it but let me also know how can i get my frnd back

ill b really thankfull 2 u

bye take care!!

Thank you ever-so muchxxx in advance!!



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