Poking on Facebook

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Poking on Facebook

What exactly does poking do? I read that if you poke someone you can see their "limited" profile for a week? Does anyone know anything about this?


I also heard that if you send them a message and if they reply you can see their limited profile for a week?? Assuming you're in the their fl obviously



Re: Poking on Facebook

In your FaceBook privacy page, if you click on limited profile to edit, you can tic and untick what you want non friends who poke, message you to see e.g. instead of allowing them to view your wall, contact, basic info, photos, groups etc etc, you can just tick basic info and groups they they can only see that.

you can also select friends and add them into the limited profile list. So even ifthey are friends but dont want them to see what e.g. groups you belong to, then they wont.



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