prevent hackers & trolls knowing ISP

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prevent hackers & trolls knowing ISP

We'd like to know something. At times we go and post on an open forum. I've noticed that one member of the forum was always being tormented on that site. He didn't really harass anyone, himself, just stood up for himself, but the amount of nasty posts to him were unbelievable!

No the site says you must be polite, but the moderators never do their job, even if you report the cyberbullies! One woman, after we disagreed with her on only one point of view, started to get very nasty & vindicative to us.
She's advertising her company on that site, but when we went to her site, and clicked on some links, it said that "don't click on this page, it might be an imposter for another site, and therefore cautioned us".

Now she's claiming that she can see our ISP, just by clicking on our nickname. The other guy who was always tormented, ended up using different nicks on that site, because everytime he changed his nic, somehow they found out it was HIM!
I find that strange, because I tried to click on a person's nick, and nothing came up, no ISP, nothing. Then we called a very experienced computer store, told them the website and asked them to just click on a person's nickname and see if it pulled up their ISP. They have a PC, btw. They told us, that No, nothing came up.

So.. all this is very strange, and rather creepy. I sure don't want any troll (which is what she is, She's posted hundreds of deflamatory remarks and verbally comments to us, and others there. Now she's claiming she can get our ISP!

I'm scared really, for our security and our safety. Cannot someone find out your street address by your ISP?


Re: prevent hackers & trolls knowing ISP

Most forum software allows moderators or members with the proper permissions to see the IP addresses and/or ISP of forum members. And if this person has a link to her site that you click, she could easily track your IP/ISP. In general, any old troll/visitor/member cannot see your IP address or ISP unless they post some sort of hidden tracker in the posts that they make.

But keep in mind that knowing your ISP or even your IP address is really no big deal. They can't do anything with that information, cant track down your street address or telephone number, etc.. About all they could do is infer that you are a particular forum-member based on who the ISP is..

I say that if the particular forum is no longer enjoyable because of a few bad apples and the forum ownership/moderators dont seem to care, take your forum-business elsewhere!

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