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Hopefully you're here learning to prevent problems

It's a lot easier for us to write about preventing trouble than it is to write about fixing problems. It's easier for you to prevent problems than it is to fix them too!

Common Sense:

First things first. Face it, most new computer users aren't very savvy on the internet and very quickly end up with problems on their PC. These users are called 'n00bs' (shorthand for 'newbie' or new user). You know the type: They get a new PC for Christmas, plug it into the Internet, an in just a few days (or hours) their computer is crashing and they end up paying for someone to fix the computer, or they just learn to live with a computer that constantly crashes or gets slower and slower. If I just described you, don't worry! You've found our website and now you can learn to prevent these problems!

How do I keep my PC safe and clean?

Turn On Windows Update: Because of the constant security holes and threats to Windows, Microsoft is forced to regularly issue updates, fixes and patches. Fortunately, users of Windows XP Service Pack 2 have an easy way to ensure they get all of these critical updates. You can manually run Windows Update by clicking the icon in your Start Menu, by selecting Windows Update from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, or by manually going to the Windows Update Website. To read more about Windows Update, check Microsoft's page about it.

You Must Use Anti virus Software!

This one is an absolute must (unless you are using an Apple computer)! If you use the internet (and if you're reading this, you do) you must use anti virus software and you must keep it current! No if's and's, or but's! A good, automatically-updating anti virus program may cost you a few dollars, but think of it as an investment. Think of how much time and frustration it will save in the long run! Another important point is that buying an anti virus is not a one-time purchase. Most antivirus companies require you to renew your subscription each year. If you don't renew your subscription you will no longer get virus updates, and the anti virus software will become useless. Remember that the cost of your anti virus software and updates is far less than the cost of your lost data and information or the cost of professional repair services to remove viruses from your computer.

Anti spy-ware Software

If you havn't already, read about spyware on this page. After virus', spyware is the biggest threat to your PC. Many experts say spyware is an even bigger threat due to how easy it is get get into your computer.


A firewall is a hardware device that blocks incoming connections from the internet from reaching your PC. This helps prevent hackers from getting into your PC uninvited. Most routers also have built-in firewall features. If you have high speed cable or DSL internet you may already have a router and therefore a firewall protecting you. If you don't, there are several inexpensive home firewalls that you can find for $30-$50. Use the links on our page or use the search feature to find one. Here are some brand-names to look for: Linksys, D-Link, iPhantom, Belkin, Netgear or 3Com. Any can be found at your local Best Buy or Circuit City, but you can probably find better deals by shopping online. Software Firewalls A software firewall is a program that you install on your PC that performs the functions of a hardware firewall. Because the software is running on your PC it's prone to virus' and other programs that can cause it to not work properly or turn off altogether. We don't recommend relying only on a software firewall. Some experts will tell you that software firewalls are not necessary at all - but The Grown Up Geek disagrees.

Why do I need a software firewall?:

What is a software firewall? A software firewall gives you one thing that no hardware firewall can: Outbound protection. In the event that you somehow end up with a virus, trojan, worm, or some form of spy ware on your PC, a software firewall will notify you of the OUTBOUND or outgoing connection to the internet that the spyware/virus/trojan/worm is attempting to make. Each time something on your PC tries to connect to the internet a software firewall will give you a message saying "Hey! that program you just installed is trying to get on the internet and send some information!" You then have the option of telling your software firewall if you want that program to 'phone home' or not. This feature of a software firewall has saved my PC many times, and I'm a geek! In my opinion, you need the protection of both a hardware and a software firewall.

Use A Safe Web-Browsing Program

Most experts agree; if you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer to surf the web, you are putting your PC at risk! See our safe web browsers page to learn about safer options when accessing the internet. Firefox is is the best free internet browser that you can download for free.

Have you heard of Apple Macintosh PC's?

If you use an Apple Macintosh computer, you do not have to worry about any of the bad stuff that we've described above or on our Virus and Other Nasties page! Too learn why, and to see if an Apple Macintosh computer is right for you, see our Apple Macintosh page.

What if it's too late?

If you think you already have spy-ware or a virus, please read our how to clean a virus infected PC page.

Windows tips: read more about spy-ware and viruses

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C'mon people! install an antivirus program, an antispyware program and use Firefox and you're 99% safe!

I love my mac so much :). So much carefree torrenting :P. But I can see a lot of new Mac virus's popping up really soon. Especially because everyone that owns a Mac is told to not worry about virus's.

Wreckless Mac User wrote:
I love my mac so much :). So much carefree torrenting

Even on a Mac, torrenting should be done with caution.. it is a simple matter for someone to create a Trojan (not a virus) that targets Mac users.. it's been done already..

That being said, it is nice to [virtually] not have to worry about all that virus/spyware/malware silliness that the poor Windows users seem to have accepted as acceptable ..

"COMMON SENSE"........the best tip of all!=)

I have a problem in y laptop. I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7 installed in it. The problem is many of my files and application is incompatible with windows 7. I am decided to format it to change my OS into windows xp but i don't know how. Please someone help int this.

Try to use ProteMac NetMine .It's tool for protecting mac.It's must be helpful to you.

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