Privacy Issue on 2.0 - Disable Blog Link?

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Privacy Issue on 2.0 - Disable Blog Link?

I have MySpace 2.0 and I am wondering if there is any way I can disable the "blog" link in the top part of my profile. I have a private profile, yet people can click on "view blog" and see my name, age, location, marital status, etc.

Is there any way to disable that?



Hello Cupcake
Re: Privacy Issue on 2.0 - Disable Blog Link?

It has to do with your privacy settings.  Go into customize profile, move the cursor over Latest Blog Entries and you should see a gold padlock with a red circle that says Privacy.  From there you can pick who is able to see your blog.  Blog link should be disabled to all non-friends or even your friends, depending which setting you pick.

Re: Privacy Issue on 2.0 - Disable Blog Link?

On myspace 2.0 you can hide your location and suff. Just go to edit profile, edit your account. You will see your profile below. Then go down the page and you will see pencils in the right had corner of every detail on your pg. Then click on the pencil and you can make it private how ever you want it. If you had it private before. When you update you have to go in and make it private and change your profile. It opens it up. A lot of people don't know that. Hope I helped. HBT

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