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 I like this message system a lot!  Much better not to have your email show, I had actually freaked on that not long ago and switched my settings until I could find time to make a new email, not knowing, you guys had already updated the site with the new system lol.  Props to GUG for always improving.




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Re: Private Message System on GUG

Question here!  Probably more for Hubby but maybe one of our moderators may know.  Is it helpful to delete my messages if I don't need them anymore?  Like do they take up space on the GUG server, or can I leave them?  I'm a bit of a message hoarder...and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  :)




Re: Private Message System on GUG

Yes, they do take up room on the server..
If you need to keep a message, keep it (for as long as you wish)..
If you have no need/reason to keep a message, delete it.


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