"Procrastination" Be Thy Name.

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"Procrastination" Be Thy Name.

Okay you last minute bargain hunter didn't have time until now .....shoppers! I want to hear what your experience was like. Bargains? Empty shelves? Did you score!?




Re: "Procrastination" Be Thy Name.

I went to Target to do the bulk of my Holiday shopping yesterday afternoon.  I was pleasantly surprised, shelves were stocked, lines were reasonable.  Old Navy was a completely different story, though.  The store was a MESS, clothes all over the floors, 1 register open, and a line that went 2/3 of the way to the back of the store.  ARGH!!!


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Re: "Procrastination" Be Thy Name.

I went last night around midnight for some last minute pickups.. got home around 1:30... my biggest issue was indecision... other than that, it was fine... although they were out of any color tissue paper other than yellow, orange, and blue...


Re: "Procrastination" Be Thy Name.

I'm going when I get off work so I'll have to get back to you on this one. LOL

I am making bracelets while here at work so I have a few gifts already. No need to get stressed yet.

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Re: "Procrastination" Be Thy Name.

funnygirl2069 wrote:

I am making bracelets while here at work so I have a few gifts already.

that is a great way to pass the time ;)



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