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Re: ****Profiletracker Users....Go and take a look at the forum

[quote=solid]it should be expected that you stay on top of the latest announcements...[/quote]

Hmmm, well let's see, I stayed on top of the latest announcements and that's EXACTLY the reason why my profile was messed up. However if you look thru some of the posts on that forum you'll see how if people didn't change portions of their profile before April 20th or something that their code is still working. Yet it'll be posted that you need to update the codes and whatnot, so it's a toss of a coin, do you read and follow directions, or just leave it alone? But then if you leave it alone and have a problem later and ask about it you're likely to be duped into thinking that you weren't following directions and hadn't changed the codes. ***If I'm expected to stay on top of the latest announcements, then I expect the codes to be working at 100%. If users of profiletracker are going to be held to a higher standard then the forum owner and moderators should be also be held to that higher standard as well.

[quote=solid] having one issue after another is part of having a "real tracker" you have to deal with it[/quote]

I'm not sure that I agreed to pay for "issues" when I signed up, and I am dealing w/ it. I've had the tracker since January and I've only posted one time for help. I tried posting again with some questions that I had and was quickly shut down or locked. The "issue" that I'm having and it's clear that others are having it as well is the support that users are getting. I'm going to reiterate this again, why are users paying for a service but getting rude responses in return? I've never once seen any moderator, Hubby or The Geek ever send a derogatory remark to a Gugee, and if there are chances that remarks like that are made, at least they're made in private. I'm very thankful and fortunate to have come to this forum and meet everyone here. I believe that Gugee's get better support from each other and don't have to risk the chance of getting curt, rude responses in return, and that's because everyone is held to the same standard on GuG.

Just one of the reasons why I LOVE this site!!!

What you do in this life, will echo for eternity.

Almost Evil
Re: ****Profiletracker Users....Go and take a look at the forum

I don't suppose you ever considered the fact that it was your absolutely rude and unnecessary comments you made towards ME on profiletracker that got your thread locked? After i answered your question quite simply and accurately, you immediately attempted to attack MY character. I do nothing but answer the same 3-4 questions (for the most part) on that board, all day long, every single day. What you construed as curt and rude, were merely accurate, short responses.

So next time you feel the need to come on this board and attack the Admin and Mods on Profiletracker, please ensure that you are giving everyone the whole story.

Re: ****Profiletracker Users....Go and take a look at the forum

[quote=Almost Evil]So next time you feel the need to come on this board and attack the Admin and Mods on Profiletracker, please ensure that you are giving everyone the whole story. [/quote]

Here ya go --> Everyone here's the response that I wrote back:

" Woweeeee....A.E., ever so helpful over at GuG, always full of words! I've never seen a 12 word response from you ever on GuG, but I guess because I didn't want to give up my url and instead posted the code, I'll now get the cold shoulder. No worries, maybe what I've posted will help others to fix their problem instead of deleting the code all together. Thanks again!!!"

And here's the response that I got back:

"Wow I don't know where to begin. AE gave you the perfect response, and the less words she can do that in the better.

I checked your page, you are not tracking Firefox or other non-IE browsers. You likely just have the older version of myspace's js scripts in your browsers cache, so the problem that stopped the tracker from working isn't affecting you YET, but it will, and is likely affecting everyone else going to your page.

You need to seriously work on your personality. Locking."

If you'll notice that I never once responded back after the third response as I had moved on, no beef, no worries, no problem. I was fine w/ what was written. However, I do believe that as a forum owner the response that was written back to me was unnecessary and unwarranted. And this is beating a dead horse, but there is more than just my post that has been locked because a paying user is frustrated that we're not getting the appropriate help and voices that opinion. Most of your posts on GuG are about how great profiletracker is, what great support they have and the list goes on, but like you mentioned to me, "please ensure that you are giving everyone the whole story." In selling your service on GuG isn't it in the best interest that you also mention the downfalls of being a Mod and how inundated you get with the same questions over and over again and how short your responses can be w/ users, all while not being short on purpose?

While this is not a personal attack on anyone, but the lack of sympathy that is not being shown. I understand how frustrated it must be to see the same question over and over again, but isn't that the job that the Mods have chosen to do? Another observation that I see is that their are users who are asking for your help whenever you can get to it, saying Thank you and whatnot to the Mods and not once have I read a response that welcomes those sentiments.

My purpose in posting what I did in the first place was after I carefully looked thru all the previous posts about the issue that I was having to see if anyone had posted the same thing. And as it was not, I took that chance to see if I could get a logical response, what I got back was a short response from a Mod that seems to have no problem in writing great responses on GuG. Perhaps I was wrong to assume that you're willingness to answer questions in their entirety on GuG isn't what I should be assuming that your answers will be on Profiletracker as well? Is it wrong to think that the person who is portrayed on GuG is the same person that will be answering my question on Profiletracker?

What you do in this life, will echo for eternity.

Almost Evil
Re: ****Profiletracker Users....Go and take a look at the forum

As you said, people often thank us for our time and effort. The seems to me that most people are happy with the support we offer. Most people also understand that since we have 5500 users and only a small handful of people qualified to offer support, we dont have time to sit and write a paragraph response to each and every post for help. If we can answer in a short, accurate sentence, why should we write more?

The particular day YOU posted, we had gotten slammed with over 300 support questions in less than 12 hours. Trying to get to everyone as quickly as possible meant everyone-not just you- got short responses.

Had it been a day like today with 1/4 the amount of questions being posted, it would have been different.

Im sorry if you dont approve of the way we handle our boards, but thats entirely your opinion. We do the best we can with what we have available to us-much as anyone else would do.

Dream Girl
Re: ****Profiletracker Users....Go and take a look at the forum

Wow. I've gotta put my input on here. I haven't been a member or profiletracker very long (less than 2 months), but I have to say that when I HAVE needed help and posted, they've been great. I've always had a response in a matter of (literally) minutes - even when they were getting absolutely slammed with people needing help.

If Myspace filters codes, we can't really blame profiletracker for that. I love (and am quite addicted to) tracking as much as anybody else, but they (profiletracker) can't know ahead of time when or if codes will be filtered. I DO give them KUDOS for 1) notifying us immediately when or if a problem has been detected; 2) offering interim advice; 3) CLEAR, CONCISE directions (sometimes I'm a dummy and mess up the silliest thing, but REALLY, if you PAY ATTENTION the directions are perfect); and 4) having a great support staff. I can't imagine how frustrated the moderators must have been when this last "glitch" happened, yet they were there for us. We are just one person with a problem; they are just a few people dealing with HUNDREDS of other peoples' problems.

Also, when I look at the hits I get on my profile (both Trackspace and Profiletracker) a good 90% or more of them are IE hits. Additionally, if you use the handy "search" feature on profiletracker, you can actually identify some of those hits yourself by plugging in the trackspace ip address. Chances are they've hit your profile at some other point in time, either with IE or when profiletracker COULD track other users. I've been able to identify almost all of mine that way except for the occasional onsey/twosey hits which are just random anyway.

Finally (I PROMISE to shut up now), many KUDOS to GuG. You are correct, these forums are FANTASTIC. So many wonderful people willing to share such a vast amount of knowledge. I'm so happy to have found such a wonderful site. You guys are the greatest!!!


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