Pup needs a name!

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I'm voting w/PiZ on this, "cornbread" made me giggle out loud as I read it.


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Re: Pup needs a name!

I'm going to go with Jasper. I like that :)



Hello Cupcake
Re: Pup needs a name!

Humdinger made me laugh :)

I like Nickel or Jasper.  And congrats, so cute :)

Re: Pup needs a name!

When we went to pick up the puppy my husband also got one, the one they were calling Georgie. So the name wars really heated up.  We have finally settled so they can start learning their names.

Mine the little silver one is now named Jordan after Jordan-Hare Stadium at Auburn University.

Since my husband is an Alabama fan his is named Bryant after Bryant-Denny Stadium at the University of Alabama.

How funny is that two tiny Chi's named after huge stadiums. lol.

Re: Pup needs a name!

oh those are great names! love how you came up w/them. 

okay. you have our interest in these pups now! updated pics please ;)  


Re: Pup needs a name!
How bout' Maverick??


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