a BLOGGER template question.

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a BLOGGER template question.

a little help to the adorable one?
I'm a bit of a noob so excuse me if I say something wrong here, 'kay? I just got this Blogger template that I really like from pyzam.com. The problem is that I don't like the bright orange bar promoting pyzam at the top of my blog. (Really ugly looking.) I don't know if I can find another site to get a new template like this one either. And I also don't know how to mess with the HTML so that it wouldn't be there. Does anyone know how to edit the HTML so that this bar is no longer a eye sore? BTW~ If you want to see my blog (and said eye sore :D), the web address is http://xxmicroxplushiexx.blogspot.com/ . Please help! I may not have had this blog for long, but it is my passion and I love it! *____* (I know I am a loser.T__T)HELP!!!



Re: a BLOGGER template question.

Well, there are alot of sites out there that provide blogger templates, my favorite is create blog.

If you really really like the layout and you just want to keep it, go and copy your template code into notepad (it's easier that way). Scroll down a while, and look for the BODY tag (If you can't find it, Hit CTRL + F and type body. Hit next until you see body by itself in a tag - it'll look like this: ). Just after it, you should see a tag that says " div class="bloggerPyBar" " Delete from that til you see the SECOND /div tag. (it'll include the CLICK HERE FOR MYSPACE LAYOUTS). That should solve it, but it might be different in your template. :)

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