question about iphone tracking

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question about iphone tracking

how can i tell if someone is tracking me on my iphone 6?


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Re: question about iphone tracking

There are only a few ways your location can be tracked on an iphone:
1) You assign the person permission to see your location via the Messages app or Find Friends app
2) You give your icloud login info to someone and they use that to track the phone using the Find My iPhone service
3) You give someone full physical access to your iphone for an hour or so and they either A) give themself permission (see item #1) or B) They ‘jailbreak’ your phone and install some other kind of nefarious tracking software

For items #1 or #2 any time your location is being tracked a little “location services” arrow/icon will appear in the upper-right of your screen. Go to Settings>Location Services for more info

If you fear #3 has happened, you can “restore” your phone to make it fresh and clean, then dont let anyone mess with again.

Re: question about iphone tracking

If they have physical access to the phone they could remove your iCloud account info from the Find My iPhone settings and your phone to their iCloud account, then track it with Find My iPhone.
To see what account is setup to track the phone via Find My iPhone go to Settings, then at the top see who’s “Apple ID” is displayed.

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How can I tell if i'm being tracked on my iphone?

turn on airplane mode or turn off phone and cant be tracked

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