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Zoo Keeper
Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

Understood!:) I have a hard time with people talking about killing animals, etc. Mr.Pants absolutely hates raccoons and wants to shoot them. And he is a rangemaster/sniper so it is completely possible :) He was just reading this thread over my shoulder and talking about how awful they are in actuality and why he doesn't want them around our property. Kind of funny but he says he once ran one over (like thump...thump) while patrolling and the dang thing got up stared at him in the car and then jumped on the hood! It's family came out and dragged him off....like something out of a sci-fi flick! He also (much to my dismay) said the motion lights won't work because he sihines spots on them all the time at work and they just stare at him then go back to screwing up people's stuff. So it looks like I am off to try Habanero sauce...thanks Pink!

Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

I love raccoons, growing up in a major city we only saw possums and they're not too cute. The first time I saw a family of raccoons I was hooked on them, I feed them and leave a bowl of milk out at night for them.

To stop them from ripping up your grass, mix a bottle of habanero sauce with some water in a spray bottle and spray your grass. It is an effective and non lethal way to keep them out of your yard. Good luck.

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Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

I love raccoons too!  I ran across this great painting today:


Thought you might appreciate it.



Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

At first it looked like his mouth was open and he was coming right for me, on second glance it's kind of cute.

Zoo Keeper
Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

They will comre right at you crazy bastards...but we haven't had any since my update on this thread.

Now it's the deer...they will be standing on my front porch in the  morning eating the nuts from the oak trees that roll onto it. They have gradually gotten more and more daring migrating closer and closer to the house!

Zoo Keeper
Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

Thought I'd update the raccoon situation....

We built the cement wall...all 279 feet of it....

Budders didn't pee in the yard....

Cayenne pepper burns if you rub your eyes after using it...

Leaving cat food out so they don't mess up your grass will make your cat fat...

And the pet store makes some cool powder stuff that you can pour in your garden that works very well on grass and raccoons...

Raccoon abatement cost: $16,238.91 (I am not kidding...you should see the wall)

Almost Evil
Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

good god. a bb gun woulda been cheaper! Heck, moving would have been cheaper! Lets see pics of the million dollar wall!

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Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

I'm having the same problem. Did you find a remedy???

Re: Raccoons,,,ergh!!!!

 I have a very simple, inexpensive, natural, & eco-friendly way to keep any kind of unwanted animal out of your yard ... including rabbits, gopher, skunks, raccoons, stray cats, and stray dogs!

Save your soup or veggie cans; remove the labels, clean and dry them very well.  Bury them along the perimeter of your yard about every 3-5 feet, leaving about 2-3 inches of the can above ground so you can find it.  Fill the cans about 1/2-3/4 full with household ammonia.  You'll need to monitor the level of ammonia as it evaporates, but just refill it as needed.

The smell mimics that of a tom cat's urine.  No rodent or other prey-type animal will come into your yard for fear of being the imagined tom cat's dinner.  Likewise other stray cats won't venture into another supposed cat's territory.  As for the stray dogs, the ammonia smell temporarily burns the scent receptors in their nose.  It doesn't hurt them and within an hour their sense of smell comes back.  However since they can't smell, and therefor don't smell any food or anything else of interest in your yard, they pass on by.


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Re: Raccoons - ergh!!!!

Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and felt it was necessary for me to make a comment on this thread for those having this raccoon problems. There are some good suggestions and bad ones here also, not to step anyone's toes.

Do not use ammonia. Ammonia is not labeled with the government for use as a repellent and ones using it could be breaking the law. Plus this product is out in the open and who knows who or what ever could get into it.

Poison: Do not use poison, again there is no registered products on the market for poisoning raccoons and you could be breaking the law. On the other hand the home remedy poisons that are available should not be used anyways, it is called non target poisoning. The neighbors dog, cat, kids, or whatever gets into it and dies.

Wolf Urine: I don't know where every one lives but if there is no wolf population then the coons would not recognize the animal as a predator to them. The raccoons might figure it as the neighbor hood dog  urinating on the lawn (it is a canine). It is safer than ammonia and may produce some results. Don't hold your breath.

Repellents: such as cyan pepper, or capstasin products could be effective but if not reapplied after rains or lawn watering it may not be effective as one would hope.

Feeding: Feeding the animal to stop them from rolling the sod could result in more raccoons coming and feeding. I don't think you would want anymore raccoons. If you feed them they may want to use your home as a dwelling since there is a good food source. You don't want them in your home. If they have access to your chimney or attic they will make a mess and could cost you a bundle.

Shooting: Should be left to professionals, but if you do this then check your local laws on discharge of a firearm in your area. Plus this could have some liability issues of the usage of improper loads and weapons.

Audio/Electronic/lights: Have not been effective, the raccoons will get used to it and will eventually keep coming back.

What exactly are they feeding on. Most raccoons when feeding in the yard is taking place in the fall when they are fattening up for the winter. Most raccoons will feed on grubs. If you lawn has grubs then have the yard treated for grubs by your lawn care provider. Take the food source away and they may go away.

Trapping nuisance raccoons have been known to be the best resource for removal. You must know your state laws before going in this direction. Here in Michigan you must hold a permit to handle these animals. If the homeowner does this you must euthanize the animal on your property or release it on your property. If you hold a permit then you can transport it within the same county to release the raccoon but need permission to release the animal on someone else's property.

Hiring a profession wildlife removal service could also be an answer. But if you do this then look into the company to ensure they have proper permits and liability insurance to protect your interests.



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