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So....how is everyone?[[Good, I hope!!]] Well, I have TONS to talk about so that is why I am posting. Problem #1: friendless. Problem #2: boyfriendless. Problem #3: totally lonely. Well, for problem #1: I was invited to go hang out with the popular group on Thursday, whom my 2 friends, happen to hate. When I had told them, right before lunch, they told me "Go have fun! Enjoy it!" So I went. When I came back, this is what my friends say "We hate you. You're such a...[[you know what]]." I was offended and now they hate me. Problem #2: I like this guy. We're only friends though...not much there! Problem #3: Well, I'm lonely, can't do much with there. TTYL!

Peace and love from all the best, bailee2good4u

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Re: Random....

ms baliee, while im thrilled to see a new member posting, can i beg you to please please please change your font color? It makes my eyes scream! (and i mean that in the nicest way!)

 1. If they are truely your friends, they will get over it eventually, and if they arent...eff em!

2. Sometimes guys can be more trouble than theyre worth. Theres nothing wrong with just being friends. You never know how it might turn out!

3. We're here to save you from loneliness! Welcome to gug!

Re: Random....

i'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you are in high school, only due to the lunch reference. if that is the case, that is normal-teenage-high-school-behavior-drama.

my advice, look out for numeral uno babe. no one else should matter at this juncture.

welcome to gug!


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Re: Random....

We'll all be your friends! 

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

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