Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOUR help

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Re: Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOU

How about this idea, which would be really great on getting the GuG name out there....

I know the specific idea of a website is getting hits on your page, which, and I know nothing about this, but helps w/ the money situation. But what if there was an organization that GuG members could make donations too and then that particular organization could have GuG on their website and so on...

Big organizations have always been a prime target for campaigns of this sort, but what about contacting a smaller donation organization that is up and coming. Maybe a child organization or something like that.

Just a few ideas...


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Re: Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOU

I'm all for GUG apparel. One of my favorite T's is a babydoll belly shirt, simple grey, with <Geek> across the chest and </geek> across the back. Love love love it! I like to wear it to our local HOG chapter bike runs.  So unexpected and not typical of everyone else there who are wearing their favorite Harley gear/apparel. I would totally sport a GUG T, spaghetti strap, wifebeater -tank, hoodie, etc. How cool would that be? I'm already excited at the thought of such!


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GuG Banner Help

I was wanting to take my GuG banner I have on my myspace and make it animated to some extent... is there a program I need to do this? Is it like the GIF animators? I wanted to see if anyone knew a good way to do this before I go into my googling trial and error phase... I tend to get OCD with things that I start...


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Re: Ready to kick into 2nd gear? We'll need YOU

Another forum I belong to offers removable stickers that go on your car windows, etc. Depending on your sticker subscription, that determines the number of stickers you get. I believe I got 60 stickers for $20 and a 6 month pass to the contributor's lounge.

I am sending out a myspace bulletin today advertising your website. You'll see it since you're on my friends list.

I'm also moving you to my top friends list to give you more visibility there!

edit: I also put your banner under the "Heroes" section of my profileKiss


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