Really good 6 cheese pasta recipe :)

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Really good 6 cheese pasta recipe :)

Penne Pasta with 6 Cheeses/ from Harper’s

1 box of Penne pasta

2 jars of 4 cheese sauce

4 Italian Sausage

Parmesan cheese

Small package of uncooked Bacon

3 Roma Tomatoe (these are the tomatoes shaped like an egg)

Basil (dried … in the spice section)


Put the penne in a pot and begin to boil it. Be sure to salt the water heavily. The general rule for cooking pasta is to boil it in water that is like sea water (very salty).

Spray a frying type pan with non-stick spray, add a little bit of vegetable oil (about 2 tablespoons); take the sausage out of the casing , crumble the sausage like hamburger and cook it in the pan. When completely cooked (brown like hamburger) take the sausage out of pan and drain on a plate with a papertowel. Take the bacon and fry it up (probably use about 6 strips); when done, put it on the plate with papertowel.

Dice up the tomatoe and put it in the frying pan with the oils from the sausage and bacon;

Sautee and then add the four jars of sauce to the frying pan. Keep stirring. Add your crumbled, cooked sausage and crumbled cooked bacon pieces. Keep stirring the sauce. It should be REALLY thick with sausage and bacon, it is best this way.

Drain your pasta.

Put pasta and sauce in a baking pan and slap it in the oven for a while, this makes it the best consistancy ever.




Re: Really good 6 cheese pasta recipe :)

Thanks. This sounds really good. I will try it tomorrow. Sounds like it will be enough to feed my family.

Re: Really good 6 cheese pasta recipe :)

Did you try it? How did it work out?

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Re: Really good 6 cheese pasta recipe :)

this sounds yummy... id like to try some right about now.

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