remote keyloggers

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remote keyloggers

Hi Gug's,

Does anyone know if its possible to send an email to an IP address?

on the same topic.. sorta..

is it possible to send a keylogger to an IP address? I know remote ones can be sent through email. but since i changed my email, i think i'm safe there.

And my last question? Is it possible to send a keylogger in myspace?

Assuming thats possible, the myspace email would have to come with some kind of link or something that i would have to click (activate) on. For it to get installed on my pc. Correct?

Thanks for your help Gug's

As always.. your time is appreciated


Re: remote keyloggers

btw.. i mean, "opening" the myspace email will not prompt a keylogger to download and install on my pc.. correct?

Re: remote keyloggers

Installing a keylogger on a computer you don't own is highly illegal. Big time. Not to say it can't be done, but you won't find a whole lot of input about it here.

And since you can't send attachments on myspace mail, something like a program couldn't be sent. Although possibly via a link - which is why (along with phishing) you do not click on links you don't know in myspace.

I believe you need more info than just an IP address to send anything. I'm thinking ISPs can associate IP addresses with their emails, but I don't think an average person can. 

Re: remote keyloggers

Hi elle,

i'm well aware its illegal, but i don't think she cares.

and pretty much the only info she has on me at this point is my IP and my myspace.

So, i was just wondering if those things were possible, not like i planned to do them myself.

I didn't know about the attachments thing in myspace, mainly because i don't try to attach things, so thats helpful. so thanks elle

Does anyone else have any info on these topics? Or know or sites, pages ect where i could get info on this topic?

Thanks Gugs

Re: remote keyloggers

I guess I didn't fully understand your question - 

You're saying you believe this person installed a keylogger on your computer and all they know about you is your myspace and your IP address? So what it boils down to is you want to know if you have a keylogger on your computer?

I can't imagine how she could with the info you provided, unless she was in your home/at your laptop. Or has a tracker that provides email addresses (see forums mentioning profiletracker), then she sent the attachment to that email address and you opened it.

After running every scan you have, why not take a look at your computer, at the processes it has running. Do a google search for the processes and programs that don't look familiar. 99.9% of the time when I google something I have running, a help site comes up telling me what it is. 

Re: remote keyloggers

I know it IS possible to have someone be Malatious with your computer if all they have is an IP adrress, but VERY VERY VERY unlikely. Mainly cause chances are the IP adrress she has isn't for your computer.... I assume you are using a router (most people do now a days), and if so, the router get's an IP, and then gives your computers a different one, that is "generic" (usually around the likes of

Even IF she had your computers IP address, and could ping you directly... sshe would have to be VERY knowlegable about Computers, firewalls, ports, commands, and hacking before she could get far enough into your computer to do anything worthwhile.

Point being, there would have to be alot of dedication, smarts, time and LUCK before a key logger could be put on your computer just using an IP address.

remote install keylogger

What is the best remotely installed keylogger for myspace.

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