How to remove CSS encoding

How to view a Myspace profile or blog with all CSS elements removed

You can easily view hidden Myspace comments, hidden details on Myspace profiles, or other hidden items on a Myspace profile that you have access to by removing the CSS styling and encoding.
This will reveal all items that have been hidden by using CSS encoding. You can view a page without any CSS elements or styling by using a feature that is included in Firefox. This tip does not work with Internet Explorer because it does not have the option to view a page with CSS sytle and data encoding removed. If you don't have Firefox, it is available for free from Google. Click HERE for Firefox info.

Open Firefox and go to the page you want to view (See this page for Firefox if you dont have it ) With the page showing in Firefox, select VIEW (from the menu), then PAGE STYLE, then click NO STYLE All CSS elements and encoding should now be removed, leaving only the basic HTML elements. If any data was hidden by using CSS it will now be visible. When you're done reading the page, select VIEW, PAGE STYLE, and click BASIC PAGE STYLE to make all the other web-pages you view look normal again

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i think that this is amazing how someone as talented as you are, you meaning everyone that made this site to help people like me lost on the help i need this really! My brother and I use the website to tal to our distant family I really am happy that you can help us without us having to go to the Maury Pogavich Show lol! Thankyou so much for this

Hi I am trying to do this with a private profile and it won't let me see anything. I have firefox and I am follwing the instructions....why is this not working for me?

It's not working for you because this is not intended to allow you to view a private profile. The purpose of this is to view hidden items on a [public] profile.
To view a private profile, you'll have to get on their friends list.

hey im sure ill get no response to this, but if one of u smart guys know how to see anything that is private on myspace profiles email me ****@***.com please.


Edited By Moderator: Email removed for your own protection. Please enable to Personal Contact form in your account settings instead

One attracts more bees with honey.... there is plenty of assistance on this site. Its a matter of taking the needed steps to find it.


Money mouth

hey how do i look at someones profile when its set to private, but i dont want to be their friend?

how to view someones private page.

is there any way of copying the source code into notepad, removing whatever part would make it private, then save as a .html and view the page that way?

so theres no way to view a private profile other than adding them or making a differnt/fake myspace?

oh btw your sites great it helped alot

how do u do that? can u explain briefkly?


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