How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

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Jayson Krause
How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

( should work with Kiwee Toolbar and other hard to remove programs too)

To uninstall the KIWEE Toolbar:

1. Download and install UNLOCKER

2. Locate the Kiwee Toolbar folder, usually C/:PROGRAM FILES/KIWEE TOOLBAR

3. Right Click on the Kiwee Toolbar folder, click UNLOCKER on the Menu.

4. Select DELETE. Follow any on-screen instructions.

(Note if it opens with a menu of Objects in it similar to the task menu select the kiwee.exe file a and hit the kill process button below)

5. Reboot if required and your Kiwee toolbar will be gone.

If download link about didn’t work go here!

I found this is The PCWORLD forums below but it didn't had to figure out the Kill Process thing myself !

If the instructions above do not work, try this as posted on the Kiwee website
1. close your Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox sessions and your messenger applications; hit CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open Task Manager, highlight the kwtbaim.exe process and click "end process". Then close the task manager.
2. check your Control Panel for any Kiwee entries and delete all the ones you find
3. go to C:\Program Files and delete the AGI folder
4. go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\agi (it may be located under C:\Users\(your PC name)and make sure that no folders exist for Kiwee; if one does, delete it. If you don't see an entry for Application Data, you will need to do the following go to Tools -> Folder Options-> View tab and make sure that the first 7 options under Files and Folders are checked. Then go to the Hidden Files and Folders menu and make sure that the radio button for "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is clicked and that the Hide extensions for known file types and Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) are not checked.

Once you follow these steps, you should be able to see all Application Folders.

5. go to C:\Documents and Settings\{USERNAME}\Application Data\AGI (it may be located under C:\Users\(your PC name) and make sure that no folder exists for Kiwee; if one does, delete it.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need to make sure you're logged in as Admin and click continue when the system asks for permissions to proceed. Only as Admin you have rights to access and modify files and folders on drive C.
This will remove Kiwee toolbar completely from your computer. The toolbar we provide is both spyware and malware free and there is no virus associated with it, so it's perfectly safe to use on a computer that meets the minimal system requirements. We hope you'll join us again in the future.



Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

i was tryng to look up information about how to remove the kiwee toolbar i think it's making my system all sorts of wakey. I came across someone who posted the link to here. Now i'm rid of the evil kiwee PLUS found this awsome site :D yay I don't know any of you yet but just from what i've read so far i can tell i will like you all :D

somewhere over ...
Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

Hi Jayson

Thanks for the great information. I haven't had the experience with the KIWEE toolbar, but some time ago I did end up downloading a toolbar that was a nightmare to get rid of. It took me forever it seemed to find the information on how to get rid of it. Now I don't download any of them.



Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

Thank you so much for the software that gets rid of unwanted files and docs.
I have indeed learnt my lesson about downloading everything which seems good!
I will definitely inform my friends about this clever tool.
Once again, many thanks for helping solve my Kiwee toolbar uninstallation.

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Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

Thanks a lot! I was going to format my computer because MSN didn't work. I tried reinstalling MSN several times and it didn't fix it. Thanks for posting this!

Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

Just wanted to add my experience. I did not have a folder to do anything with , so this did not work for me. I tried everything and could not find it(Kiwee) in my system. I would change the default to google, go and dele their search site and went out. Go back in and it was all changed. What I finally did that appeares to hasve worked was, I went into MSN live and into my winks. I deled all winks that were Kiwees and rebooted. I do believe I am now free of that intrusive software.

Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

Ok. It didn't work. Was ok till I shut down and came back on and now its back. I can go to the search block and change the default to Google and then remove the Search powered by Kiwee and ok it. I go gright back in and its changed back. I hate this Kiwee for sure.

Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar
To get Kiwee web search to stop showing up in your new tabs in Internet Explorer, go to: Tools / Internet Options / Advanced / Reset / Reset (I did not need to click "Delete Personal Settings"). After clicking this, I finally got Kiwee web search page to stop opening in my new tabs. I hope this helps. I searched forever how to fix this. I think I finally did! Never had something this intrusive installed on me before. I hope this company shuts down.
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Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar


How do I delete the Kiwee toolbar?
I have no idea where it even came from, but it's f*#%ing up my computer like you wouldn't believe. I've tried the uninstall program but it keeps coming back every time I restart my computer. PLEASE HELP!!!

* 1 week ago

Additional Details
Honestly people, if it was really that simple, do you think I'd be here? More specifically, what I need is a list of the registry entries and .dll files I need to delete.

1 week ago
UPDATE: AG Interactive support finally got back to me and apparently another program published by them (in my case Webshots Desktop) was the culprit when they "mistakenly" included the Kiwee toolbar in an update. This is what they said:

1. Close all web browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox).

2. Exit out of Webshots.

3. Right-click on the task bar and click Task Manager.

4. Click on the Processes tab. You may or may not have these, but if you do, then end the process of AGCoreService.exe, kwtbaim.exe, and pythonservice.exe

5. Open My Computer, double click to open the local or C: drive and then double click on the Program Files folder

6. Delete the AGI directory. Right click on this folder and then left click on Delete from the dropdown menu. Follow these same directions to delete the folders in steps 7, 8, and 9 and 11.

7. Delete the UnifiedToolbar directory.

8. Delete the Kiwee Toolbar directory.

Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

One more try on this. I didn't have a folder but did have the search engine so I figured whats the harm if I just down load the toolbar again, then go into the control panel and remove it . It does apear to have worked. I have done it and rebooted and the Kiwee is not in my explorer toolbar as a choice.

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Re: How to remove KIWEE Toolbar

I have tried that also, but when I tried to download the toolbar again, active x / I get look at yellow bar, but I do not have a yellow bar, so Kiwee tells me to us the mannuel download and it does not give a choice to remove it now what can I do????


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