[Facebook] How to report a dead member

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[Facebook] How to report a dead member

Facebook is now allowing accounts of dead members to be 'memorialized'. Memorializing a dead Facebook member's account will make it available only to confirmed friends (confirmed by the Facebook member before his or her untimely death), and Facebook will remove all sensitive/private information from the account. Memorializing a Facebook account will also prevent anyone from ever logging in to the account.

To request that your deceased loved-one's Facebook account be memorialized, you must fill out this form:
Report Deceased



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Re: [Facebook] How to report a dead member
very helpful, couldnt find the link, thank you very much
Jeanne Pacheco
How to report a dead Facebook member

My daughter, Janine Lewis, passed away this January. I request that her face book page be removed. Her page was inactive for several years due to her illiness. I will be open to a 6 month memorializing before removing her page. Please contact me at -email removed- This is a very difficult time for me. Please inform me in a timely manner so I can feel at ease that I have dilligently moved another step forward to completing her affairs. Thank you very much.

Jeanne Pacheco

Re: How to report a dead Facebook member

you will probably want to request that Facebook do this for you, since this website, GrownUpGeek.com is in no way affiliated with Facebook. You can get started by clicking the link on the page above for a "Report Deceased" .

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