Research Toys Before You Buy

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Research Toys Before You Buy

With the lead scare in toys this past year, coupled withe numerous recalls, be sure you check out any toys before you purchase this year. Toy Hazard Recalls can be searched quickly at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. Take just a brief moment scan the list. This will save or avoid any embarrassment should an item you are giving be on the list - and the recipients parents will not have to return or destroy the item. From toys for toddlers to teen & even toys/games adults would use, like the guitar pictured below. ImagiPlay of Colorado has a recall list multiple learning toys.

Are you checking the list? Checking it twice?!

This item shown:

Rage Wireless Guitars

Units: About 57,000

Manufacturer/Distributor: Performance Designed Products LLC, of Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Hazard: A circuit board defect can cause AA batteries used in the guitar to leak if the batteries are installed incorrectly, posing a risk of chemical burns to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Performance Designed Products has received one report of a burn to a consumer.


Re: Research Toys Before You Buy

 Damn, that list is long!!  Good to know.  Thanks, 2na.  I will email this out to my friends that have kids.  I will keep it in mind for all my nephews and neices.  




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