Retrieve text messages from a cellphone

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Retrieve text messages from a cellphone

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Well my question is this...I want to know if it is possible to retrieve text messages from a cell phone if they have been it possible if you call up the cell phone carrier and say..Hey i need a read out of all the text messages sent from this phone to that it possible?..they have told me that they cant...BUT..if you had a subpeona from a judge..Could you?..and if you could what kind of subpeona would that be?..



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Re: Retrieve text messages from a cellphone

 It would be the kind of subpoena you need an attorney and a VERY compelling reason to get. A subpoena is a request for information. The judge decides the scope of it, and the attorneys help determine what is needed. If you just want one "because yur curious" it wont happen.

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Re: Retrieve text messages from a cellphone

Almost Evil is correct. how far back are you talking? more than 30-days?


Re: Retrieve text messages from a cellphone

It is to my understanding that quite a bit of information is stored in a cell phone's flash memory, including SMS messages.

I'm not sure if this will help you, as I've never tried it, but here is a link for cell phone memory recovery software. Apparently it is free.

Here is another link for those that want to make sure their cell phone's memory contents are deleted before they give their phone away. It requires an email address so I'm not sure of the "spam factor". You may be able to use or a similar anonymous email service to sign up.

I'm guessing in your case, it depends on the model of the phone, for SMS recovery.

Re: Retrieve text messages from a cellphone


If the information you are trying to recover is to be used as evidence in a court case, you really need to look at paying the money for computer forensics specialist. Computer forensic laws are tricky and vary from state to state.

If you perform the data recovery yourself, most likely the data will be inadmissible in court.

Re: Retrieve text messages from a cellphone

This may not be exactly what you're intrested in knowing, but I download my text messages from my pocket pc phone to my computer using SMS Bee. it was $11 or so on handango. there are a couple of versions for different phones. It's done in Miscrosoft Access, so if you know how to piddle with Access, you can make yourself some better reports and things of that nature than the actual program offers. The guy that created it responds really quickly when contacted for assistance.

Also, when i had to get a replacement phone under manufacturer warranty, part of the process was to reset the phone while on the line with customer service. she warned that it would wipe out everything on the phone and put it back to it's "out of the box" state. However, I did not have to reprogram my phone number, so I'd say that's not exactly true.

Hope this helps.

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