Retrieving old texts

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Retrieving old texts

I need old text messages for a court case . An individual that
Threatened to pay someone to do great bodily harm to me,
Then actually paid an individual!


Re: Retrieving old texts

Cool story!
But I assume you are actually asking how to retrieve old texts from a phone and not just telling and entertaining story..

Whether or not it's possible to retrieve old text messages from a phone depends on how old they are and what kind of phone you have. IF you are able to retrieve them, I question what good they will be legally, unless you maintain a chain of custody, can prove they were from your phone, etc.. I would talk to your attorney first.

Your best bet is to go to your phone service company ask for records of the text messages. This will carry more legal weight and if the messages are more than a few months old, it's highly doubtful you'll be able to retrieve them from your phone anyway. Your phone company probably will say "no" .. so you will have to talk to your attorney or the police and they may have to submit law-enforcement request or ask a judge to issue a subpoena..

Short answer is: If it's possible at all, it won't be easy.

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