Riddle me this

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Riddle me this

Ok, some of you guys migth remember a few months back I posted

"with what does one look through the world with", of course my first thought it, ok, that clue isn't worded the right way but "rose colored glasses".

The correct answer would lead me to a wealth of information.

Many suggestions were posted, none seemed to work. After many failed attempts, I gave up. However, I just went back and tried again and I got it.

Anyone have any suggestions before I access this information and change the password?


Trying to be vague!




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Re: Riddle me this

 Well, im going to assume this is your own account that you are getting into- anything else would be illegal. That said, if you just want to back up your own information from your own email account, i would download and save all your emails. I would also change your secondary email address, since changing your password will most likely result in the new password being sent to both primary and secondary accts.


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