Robots controlled with you cell phone?

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Almost Evil
Robots controlled with you cell phone?

It might sound like something from The Jetson's but its real! Theres an android controlled by your android phone (android by android!) named PLEN and it can be yours...if you have lots of money burning a hole in your pocket!


Those of you with piles of cash might be interested in picking up a PLEN hobby robot for your desk.  The roughly 9" tall "droid" can be controlled via Bluetooth, either by your cell phone or PC keyboard.  You know where I'm going with this... Check out the video below of a PLEN robot (android) controlled by an app on Android. 

PLEN robots are already selling in Japan for 262,500 yen ($3,000 in US).  Though expensive,  it (he) is a very capable little guy who will be happy to perform for you.  One can make it roller skate and perform skateboard stunts.




And really, who doesn't want their own robot?!!?


Re: Robots controlled with you cell phone?

i dont remember seeing this in the verizon store! lol

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