"How do I find free porn?"

As funny as this may sound, this is our most often asked questions!
I won't preach about the downfall of our civilization or whether it's right or wrong or not, but since we know you're going to do it anyway, we'll just give our advice to help you do it and keep your computer virus and spyware-free at the same time.

Did you know that adult websites are the fastest way to infect your PC with spyware?

The first thing many users do when they get on the internet is run over to Google and do a search (click here to learn about searching with Google) on sex (or whatever subject they are interested in) and immediately begin to click links and go to the websites that Google shows them.
The problem with going to these 'regular' websites is that they will almost always infect your PC with spyware or pop-up windows! Even if you are using a 'safe' web-browser (click here for more info on using a safe web-browser) You can still get pop-up's and other annoying advertisements.

Most adult websites want you to pay money!

That's right, they aren't going to give you what you're looking for out of the goodness of their rotten heart! But don't worry, I will show you the secret of free and safe porn! And I'm going to tell you for free.

To find it safely you need a good 'P2P' program

There, that's it! That's the secret! Using P2P you can get FREE porn and not worry (near as much) about spyware or pop-up windows!

What is 'P2P' and how does it work?

P2P stands for Peer to Peer. Users of P2P software share files (pictures, videos, etc) from their own computer with other people that are also using P2P.
When you use a P2P program to search for something, the software very quickly searches all the other P2P users (usually around 4-10 million users at any given time) for what you want, then shows you what it found. You then double-click on what you want and it downloads to your computer! P2P software does not search the person's entire computer (that would not be good!) it only searches the area of the computer that has been specified by the person using the software.

Not all P2P programs are safe!

Here is where you have to be careful. SOME P2P programs ARE spyware! If you download and install the wrong one, you will be inviting spyware onto your computer!

The world needs a free, safe P2P program!

Well thank goodness there is one!
"Shareaza" is a free, safe P2P program that you can download, install and begin using in minutes! click here to read about and download Shareaza!




haha this is great......i know plenty of places.....whatever your cup of tea, just ask....mmmm kay?

soopacee - I would appreciate your knowledge on where to download safe adult video from. Also a place where you can search by preference, I always end up downloading junk and hubby and I have different "tastes" :) Of course his preference would be bj's and I would prefer to throw in some "rimming"... just for a start :)

Some of the people on PAID adult sites look pretty rough... so wow, I can't even imagine free porn....

The main issue with p2p is that its 50/50 that whatever you download will be infected with other gifts - you dont get that on paid content sites.

Need to see some beautiful women ....movie stars preferred. Don't want the computer trashed by virus's !

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