Salton Sea Trough Fault

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Salton Sea Trough Fault

Congratulations on Identifying the Salton Trough Fault seven and 1/2 years ago.
In order to take appropriate credit for your keen observation prowess a petition should be submitted to re-name the Salton Trough Fault to the WTF Fault as it was clearly labeled in your post on Fri, 03/27/2009 - 3:11pm. Excellent work Hubby.

P.S. I would move if I were you.



Re: Salton Sea Fault

I assume you are referring to this post: Salton Sea earthquake swarm in 2009 which you probably came across while looking for information on the NEW 2016 Salton Sea earthquake swarm..
Maybe we can have them rename the new Trough fault, "It's Hubby's Fault".. because I seem to hear that at home all the time anyway..

.. I'm 120 miles away from Salton Sea, but the San Andreas runs from where it starts at Salton Sea, right next to this new Trough fault, all the way through to northern California - passing by my house within about 2 miles.. So yah.. We're shopping for beach front property in Arizona already...

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