Samsung Brings On Another Smartphone To Their Galaxy Lineup Today

Samsung is one of the most prolific smartphone makers in the world and now they have yet another handset to offer. This one is called the "Samsung Galaxy S Advance" and is a few notches under the S3 model.

There is no more doubt. Samsung is continuing the Galaxy "S" series that has already overtaken the world. Today we find they are releasing the GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) in Barcelona, Spain. Some of the new features it has over the previous I9000 will make it popular for those who like to stay up to date on technology.

One of those features is the screen for the Galaxy S Advance. This model will have a curved screen that is just a bit larger than an iPhone screen. It measures in at four inches of digital real estate. The resolution is not all that great, but it is not made from the older LCD material. It is made with Super AMOLED for brightness and longer times between battery recharges. Samsung chose a curved screen to help alleviate the distortion caused by a flat screen.

Running the programs and menus for the Galaxy S Advance smartphone is a dual core chip. It is humming along at one gigahertz, which is not bad for a mid-range handset. Samsung gave the Advance one camera for each side of the smartphone. The one on the back is an unimpressive five megapixel picture taker, but does support recording video in high definition. The front camera will be for video chat or conferencing and is rated for a typical 1.3 megapixels of power.

Do not expect the GT-I9070 smartphone to come with the latest version of Android. It may get this hot software in the future, but for now, Samsung has loaded this handset with Gingerbread, which is version 2.3. This has already been reported as having some problem with malware in the Android marketplace, so be careful what you load onto any Android smartphone. Also, depending on the carrier you choose, a nasty tracking software called "Carrier IQ" may be loaded on your shiny new Galaxy S Advance. There are apps on the Android market that can let you know if your carrier has put the "Carrier IQ" rootkit on your handset or not.

Chances are if you live in the United States you may never see this smartphone. Russia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and other places that are not economically bankrupt will be getting the Samsung Advance smartphone in their markets after MWC 2012. 


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