Samsung Has More Than One Version Of the S3 Smartphone Planned

Galaxy S3Now that HTC is a secondary competitor, Samsung can focus on their one true enemy; the Apple iPhone. Samsung has reported there will be more than one version of their "does everything" smartphone, the S3. It will soon be offered to the world in separate versions.

Samsung and Apple have been battling it out with technology and with the patents. In the wake of this battle, HTC lost a lot of market share. Like many things, the Samsung and Apple camps are the two best offers for two lines of thinking. The thinking behind Samsung is to make a smartphone for everyone. The thinking behind Apple is to make something "cool" so that everyone wants one. Samsung is therefore making the Galaxy S3 in versions that will please more people.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone comes with a display that equals the current "retina" screen of the iPhone 4S. It is going to be a super savvy smartphone, beating out the likes of the NEC Medias N-04C. The news on the thickness is that it will also beat the Motorola Droid Razr. The Motorola Droid is 7.1 millimeters and the Galaxy S3 is seven millimeters. But the Droid also has a huge bulge where the camera is installed, so new smartphone prospects may want to take that into consideration.

The upcoming versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone will have quad core processors and 4.6 inches of digital real estate. The current iPhone is 3.5 inches in size with talk of the next version being around four inches. The differences in the S3 versions will amount to changes in the camera, 3D features and one may have a stylus, like the Samsung Note. The different versions will be released throughout this year at a steady pace. There is no word yet on if one of those models will have a manual keyboard or not.

If this next Galaxy S3 is anything like the last S2, it is going to be a wild hit. The S2 sold more than ten million units way back in the Fall of 2011. Five million of those ten milllion were sold just in South Korea. This next S3 smartphone is going to be out in May, skipping the Mobile World Congress at the end of this month. Apple does the same thing with the tradeshows of the world. With the Galaxy S3 having all the wireless bases covered, a Super AMOLED "Plus" display, a twelve megapixel camera, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and more, expect a very interesting year in smartphone wars between Samsung and Apple. May the best smartphone win.



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