Is Samsung Starting To Ship Flexible Displays?

Technology is rocketing in the area of the mobile display. If you have been taking a look at the small displays that Samsung has been putting out, you have seen those with the unbelievable abilities to be folded, twisted and outright mistreated. Yet they keep on working. The display unfolds itself and ends up looking like nothing ever happened. There are rumors that these displays are starting to reach the market.

Samsung No more shattered screens! This could be the first year that the mobile handset sees the tough and flexible Samsung screens that have been sauntering across the Youtube videos. The Samsung Electronics Chairman, Kwon Oh-Hyun, has been keen to report on the "huge numbers" of orders for his flexible AMOLED screens. They are called "YOUM" by the Samsung company and were seen last year at CES 2011. Sources say that the YOUMs will be on mobile devices by the end of this year. A rumor was weaving its way around the internet saying that even Apple will use this type of display in their next iPhone edition. Hardly anyone really knows what really is happening before an iPhone launch, but the rumors are fun to spread.

The resolution of the flexible YOUMs will not be so good at first, so those iPhone rumors are probably just that; rumors. The first installments of the flexible screens will only have a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. If that is packed into a small screen, the clarity could be bearable. But everyone knows the high resolution of the "retina screen" iPhone is like eye candy. There is no way Apple will go back to lower clarity on their smartphone. But Chairman Kwon Oh-Hyun did mention Apple by name though. Samsung made 26 percent of the parts of the iPhone 4 in years past. What the Chairman said even sparked a new name for the "iPhone 6". It is starting to get a code name of "iPhone Yoga". Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

The LCD section of the Samsung display manufacturing is winding down with the introduction of "power sipping" AMOLED screens. Now that AMOLED screens are becoming YOUMs, expect the LCD display to completely bow out from Samsung models soon. The flexible screens will be rolled out slow, as usual, then the resolution will be improved upon. Before you know it you will be putting your Samsung smartphone in your back pocket again, not worrying about breaking the screen.



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