See Who Is Looking At Your Facebook!

Once again an app developer has begun pushing their service onto Facebook users thanks to some clever sales tactics. I prefer to call their tactic “lying”. Just recently a few new “applications” surfaced on Facebook claiming to let users see who was viewing their profile. They don’t work, and they are just going to spam you and your friends account’s so keep that in mind.

Almost every week there is a new Facebook spam system released; generally the apps work by tricking users into allowing the app to function. Facebook has not commented on the newest scheme, but I can tell you that it is nothing but another spam system. Regardless of what you (or your friends) do on Facebook it is not possible to see who is viewing your profile. Don’t fall victim to this new Facebook spam system.

I cant say for sure who is behind these apps, nor can I specifically name them (they change so often). However, if somebody you know posts "OMG OMG, I can see who is looking at my profile thanks to **app link** " dont click on it.. Thats pretty much exactly how they get more and more people.

UPDATE: See this link for information on-> Who Is Looking At Your Facebook






how do i track whos looking at my FaceBook

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