Seeing my husband's text messages

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Seeing my husband's text messages

My husband and I share accounts. He has iphone5 and I have ipad. Recently, I received his SMS/text messages in my email. The phone numbers appeared as an email. I could read the text messages. This happened sporadically.
He was obviously nervous when I told him. So what did he change in his settings that I no longer get these texts?
We are still on same account. Did he possibly Unclick my email address somewhere?



Re: Seeing my husband's text messages

This does not sound related to iCloud. iCloud does not/cannot do anything with SMS/Text messages, and iCloud does not/cannot forward SMS/TXT or iMessages to an email address.

He may have been using some other third party app or service to be doing what you described, and quickly undid/turned it off when he realized what was happening.

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