ShatunovaBelikina's Favorite Music

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ShatunovaBelikina's Favorite Music

So! I'm bored and I just figured I'd share some of my favorite singers and bands with you! :)

Let's start with...

Verka Serduchka:
She's the Ukrainian queen. Beautiful, amazing, and hilarious! I'd kill to look like her! She represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2007.

Dolce & Gabbana

Я попала на любовь (Ya popala na lyubov'/I Have Fallen in Love)

Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Official Music video. This was her Eurovision song.)

Песня Кардиналши (Pesnya Kardinalshi/The Cardinal's Song)

Ruslana: Sexy, fierce, and amazing. Her voice when she sings live is very unique. A lot of people prefer her fixed-up voice that is on her albums, but I love her natural voice when she sings live ^_^ She's another Ukrainian singer, whose music can only be described as a mix of Ukrainian tribal and modern pop. She represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2004.

Wild Dances (HalfEnglish, HalfUkrainian version, Live at Eurovision):

Dance with the Wolves (Personal Fave of mine):

Wild Energy:

Heart on Fire (another awesome song):

t.A.T.u. - I'm sure everyone remembers these girls. Sexy blonde/red-head Elena and dark-haired Yuliya are probably the most well known controversial Russian pop duo ever! Still love these girls.

Я сошла с ума (Ya soshla s uma/I've Gone Mad):

Running Blind:

nATo - nATo, is a Russian/Georgian/Bashkir girl named Natalia Shevlyakova. She sings in Georgian, Bashkir, Tajik and Persian. She caused a big controversy because during her concerts she dresses as a female suicide bomber. Even though she does this, all of her songs are actually about love and hope.

Zamtari (Georgian language):

Laskovyi Mai - My alltime fave band. They've had a bunch of different lead singers, my fave one being Yuriy Shatunov. All these videos are Yuriy as lead singer. Yuriy is the boy I took the "Shatunova" part of my username from. :)

Белые розы (Belyye rozy/White Roses):

Розовый вечер (Rozovyi vecher/Pink Evening):

Лето (Leto/Summer):

Mama: This band was created by the same man who created Laskovyi Mai, Sergei Kuznetsov.

Рано ушедшая осень (Rano ushedshaya osen'/Slowly Autumn Leaves) [Sung by the adorable Sasha Priko]:

Джунгли (Dzhungli/Jungles) (the boy singing in this is Sasha Semernin, the second singer in the band.):

Steklovata: Two adorable Russian boys. In this video is their song, "Steklovata". They too were created by Sergei Kuznetsov. Denis Belikin is the boy in the green shirt, and Artur Yermeyev is the boy in the black and red shirt ^_^ Denis is the one I get the "Belikina" part of my username from :D



Yuriy Shatunov: He's sexier now than he was in Laskovyi Mai. ^_^ His solo career has been fun! Awesome songs.

Не бойся (Ne boisya/Don't be Afraid):

Летние ночи (Letniye nochi/Summer Nights):

Просто мечты (Prosto mechty/Just Dream):


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