Should the City of L.A. foot the $2+ million bill for Jackson's memorial/funeral or should his family?




They shouldn't have shelled out over a mill for the Lakers parade, either, not when teachers and cops are getting laid off, but apparently LA has it's own, unique set of priorities....


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 Im sure the city made over $2M from tourists coming to attend the events, so *shrug* Its dumb, but it is what it is. I personally dont think there should have been a memorial or "celebration" for a child molester.


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i havent paid too close attention to this but how did it even come up that anyone but family foot this bill? my funeral may not be as big a production but if my town wants to foot the bill thatd be great!

"The bill" is just for the overtime, etc for the extra police and services necessary for the memorial. I heard a report yesterday that the actual costs were closer to $1mil (originally estimated at $4mil).

The Chief of police has said all along that it is LAPD's responsibility to protect the public during any large event like this.. although Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villar was soliciting donations from the public to cover the expenses..

stfu! soliciting donations from the gp? well if it works, maybe they can use this same concept to pull the state out of the red. 

imho, i think the J-Fam & the producers of the memorial should coin-up.  


LOL...there is actually a link on LAPD's website to give donations....

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