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I really like that. Is that from something?

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Ok so this my laptop as of right now (just getting it setup again)  It's just like me when taking a break from the city, lol ...another day I'll post my beautiful Hawaiian desktop from work:


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One of the work screens! I don't know why I like it, I just do...

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So I got a new computer and with that comes a new OS and theme. I'm running 64 bit Linux Mint 6 with a Mac(ish) theme. I love my Mint.

Click for larger version.

Here are some windows open.

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Windows 7


Ubuntu 10.04

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Which one, I have 2 desktops I use daily, a netbook, and a nice Studio- not one looks the same as the other! Actually this would make a great voting question- how many "computer like" devices do you have and use reguarly? How do I create a voting page?


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