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Shutting down

Help! My laptop will not shut down. I have Windows XP. I shut down it says saving settings and just sits there. It stayed on all night once when I just shut down and walked away. When I came down in the morning it still said save settings. I have looked everywhere on the internet and with most of the Microsoft stuff you need to restart your computer but mine won't shut down so I have to turn it off then of course it will not take the new whatever.


Re: Shutting down

 Go to control panel then power options click on the tab Hibernate and make sure enable hibernation is turned off then go back to the power schemes tab and select potable/laptop  or minimal power management then click on apply


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Re: Shutting down

I've had them totally freeze a few times where you could NOT get around it. If you remove the power source for a few moments that should fix it. When I say remove the power source, for the laptop it might be the battery (per gateway I had to do that once), or for a desktop computer, simply flipping the button the surge suppressor MIGHT work, but I have actually had to unplug one a few times to get it to reset. Hope that helps.

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