Simple stuff that tastes better than you thought it could:

Posted by: Isaac

  • pancakes;

    follow the recipe on the box, but with these changes
    old recipe:
    • xcups of milk

    new recipe:

    • x*.5 cups of milk
    • x*.25 cups of whipping cream (the stuff you add sugar too and use an egg beater to turn into whipped cream)
    • diced fruit (I prefer strawberries or blueberries, but it's your choice.... kiwi's might be nice)
    • a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon

    add the milk and whipping cream when you would otherwise just add the milk; add the brown sugar and cinnamon with the flour and add the fruit after mixing batter to proper consistence then mix a little bit more

  • Salads;

    • Do not slice or dice vegetables to anything resembling a uniform size or shape; if using cherry tomato's, or other bite size elements, throw in a few whole
    • Add shredded cheese, if you have a grate with multiple faces, use all of them (unless they produce very very large chunks. Though, there is no such thing as "too small"
    • use multiple dressings, mix oil based dressings with vinegar based dressings
    • use fruit juices, olive oil, vinegars and wine as dressings, though very sparingly
    • croutons; crush up to varying degrees, there is no such thing as too small, and throw some in whole
    • toss the salad after adding everything to it, that includes cheese, dressings and croutons

    note: alcohol in wine does not cook off, but should only be used in a very small quantity

  • Southwest Breakfast (I'm told that's what it's called, I call it "a bunch of stuff thrown on a skillet);

    • ingredients

      • Base:
        • 2 oz Olive Oil
        • 2 oz Cooking Wine
        • 2 oz Soy Sauce
        • 2 oz butter
        • 1 oz vinegar
      • 1 potato
      • 3 slices of ham
      • meet dressing:
        • A1
      • 1/2 tomato
      • fruit dressing:
        • 2-4 oz's Dole juice (if you use other stuff, multiply the inverse proportional of there % juice by "2-4 oz's"; so if it's 20% juice, use 10-20 oz's)
        • 1-2 oz' vinegar based salad dressing
        • 1-4 oz's Monster Energy Drink (use other stuff, but it's less active ingredient/oz and less active ingredient/$)
      • 3 slices of cheese singles
      • 2 eggs
      • some strawberries

    • directions
      1. add the base ingredients to the skillet over low heat, then immediately proceed to skinning the potato
      2. with potato skinned, grate directly into skillet until you have a little chunk barely big enough to hold onto, turn up heat to medium and mix with spatula
      3. dice ham, one slice at a time. Cause this is actually a timing mechanism, don't stack all the ham and dice it at the same time!
      4. add diced ham to skillet, turn heat to high, mix with spatula
      5. add "meat dressing", continue mixing with spatula
      6. dice tomato, this is once again a timing mechanism, so take your time and mix the skillet alittle with the spatula inbetween cuts
      7. add diced tomato to skillet, turn heat to medium, add "fruit dressing", mix with spatula
      8. tear two chese singles up, add to skillet, mix with spatula untill somewhat uniform
      9. break eggs, turn to high heat, mix with spatual for a few moments
      10. add remaining cheese, mix, lower heat to medium
      11. dice strawberrys, add to skillet and lower heat to off, mix
      12. serves about 2 starving people

    There is plenty of room to adjust this meal, I've used every kind of mammal you can imagine and have used rice instead of potato's. I seperated "base", "meat dressing" and "fruit dressing" from the main of ingredent list as these are easy places to experiment.

  • knock out (tastes really good, and if you go to bed immediately after you will fall asleep. Though you will wake up feeling awful :) );

    • ingredients

      • milk
      • sugar
      • 2 strawberrys

    • directions
      1. dice strawberry's.
      2. microwave 8 oz's of milk for about 20-30 seconds
      3. add diced strawberry's
      4. add sugar until it won't disolve anymore
      5. stir
      6. drink

  • Note; I don't pay alot of attention to the clock or measuring cup's or actual tempture of stove when I'm cooking... I just kinda, do it all based on smell and appearence. So, it might be good for someone who does to rewrite some of these. Particularly the "Southwest Breakfast"... and I won't say it's nessicarly cheap, but it's extreamly filling nutritious, alot of bang for the buck...



"They say 'Silence is Golden', I say 'Well, duct tape is silver...'"

You know what is great, mixing in a little salsa and cooked hamburger meat to some Velveta Mac and Cheese. It's all to taste, I have no measurements (sorry), but I won't eat mac and cheese without that kick from the salsa.

thanks! I'm going to try the grilled PB&J. My girls LOVE PB&J with thin slices of bananas-ooohhh-I'm going to add the bananas to grilled version.....

"They say 'Silence is Golden', I say 'Well, duct tape is silver...'"

Another thing my Wife always makes that is SOOOO easy but good....

Hamburger meat and cream of mushroom soup. She says it's sloppy joes, but I knwo the truth. Either way it is really good, throw it on a toasted bun and enjoy. Simple, easy, cheap, good.... the story of my life.