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Site Validation

I know I am being bothersome today, but hopefully someone somewhere has the same problem. im validating my website, im not gona give the link cause i know hubby dont like that, i am using the W3 site validation,

Heres 2 of the errors left on my main site page.

Line 9, Column 23: document type does not allow element "STYLE" here
<style type="text/css">

Line 61, Column 428: end tag for "CENTER" omitted, but its declaration does not permit this

line 9's problem is that i need the style thing there to render the background images and color.
line 61 is a script that the host keeps putting on the page.


Re: Site Validation
Whats your question? You know where your Problems are, CSS is not allowed in the tag. And the Second one... yeah free hosts mostly have stupid admins xD Why do you need to render the images IN the HTML body? Are they "dynamic"? Then you also could put them to the head. Greetz

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