Sleepless toddler

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Penelope Pickle
Sleepless toddler

I would like everyone to know that I have a toddler that does NOT like to sleep. He does everything in his power to fight his sleep. Even when everyone in the whole house is asleep, he wants to stay up and sleep with mommy.

I don't let him sleep in our bed because it's OUR bed, he has his own bed. We have such a hard time putting him to bed, it's unbearable sometimes. God knows we love our little man dearly, but why doesn't this child ever go to sleep peacefully?

Am I the only parent in the world that has his problem!! I get so frustrated sometimes. And it's always, "mommy, mommy, mommy" "i don't like daddy!"

I just want him to sleep at night. would of thought that this whole sleeping issue would be gone by now...but SURPRISE! he still fighting it. He'll cry and throw a tantrum, sit down, won't lie down, cry some more. Oh man!

I just need some relief. I need the strength to be a good parent and find more patience with him.

I'm so tried.



Re: Sleepless toddler

i clearly remember the non-sleep days! have you checked out this thread - it is from last year but i do recall the sleep method/approach i received from my neighbor at the time, who works at the mayo clinic, worked well for our gug member FizzleB. give it a read and see if maybe it is something you can apply, Penelope Pickle.


Re: Sleepless toddler

Yeah we were co-sleeping for a long excuse was at the end of the day i was too darn tired to have the evening be another battle.

Unless you want little toes in your armpits, back, rear while you're sleeping for the next 7 years, i would recommend doing something about it.

It's brutal and you and your husband have to stick together, pick a night and just make sure you're ready to stick to your guns.  Recently my Tot got ill and slept in bed with me, and now he is well and we're back in the same rut again and will have to re-start this process. 

Have a good interactive&soothing bedtime routine (bath, read books, sing songs etc).  Then be firm and tell them you love them, it's time to sleep, see you in the morning.... take a deep breath and try some method of cry-it-out/"Ferberizing"

What worked for us....Cry-it-Out....5 minute increasing intervals.  Go in and say time to sleep, tuck them in again after 5 min., then after 10 min, then 15, 20, 25 min...etc.  Eventually they will fall asleep.  Took me til the 45 minute interval.  My heart was breaking...but....the next night it was so much easier, and then it was fine!  Put a monitor in there because you're going to be nervous and when you don't hear anything you might worry.  and opening the door a peep to make sure everything's okay might wake them up!  Also, a doorknob cover might be a good idea since your Tot can probably open the door.

Or do you ever watch Supernanny?  She has a pretty great method that seems to work great.  it's kind of the same in some ways except you stay in the room with them while they fall asleep but facing away from them until they fall asleep, then after if they wake up and come into your room you just put them back into their bed over and over and over again.,1511,1633,00.html

You've got your hubby, you guys can reassure each's hard on your own because there's no one there saying Be Strong, five more minutes! and will count the seconds with you.

You'll be on your way to getting drool-worthy sleep in no time!  Let us know how it goes!


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Re: Sleepless toddler

our daugher wasnt too bad but i must say routine is everything!!! a belly rub, high five, story time. whatever. just stick to it. even through the tears and tantrums. the hardest thing for me was to accept that she wasnt dying. she was ok.  she NEEDS to sleep. and use the daddy thing to your advantage. if my daughter whines at bedtime we ask her if she wants mommy or daddy to put her to bed. daddy starts to carry her to bed and within like 5 seconds she will say she wants mommy to do and thats the end of it. and if i happen not to be home she knows daddy has the bedtime routine down pat!


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Re: Sleepless toddler

Kids are kids - whether they are one or 41.  If they know that whining and crying will eventually get them what they want, they will whine and cry until they get what they want.  If they know that their efforts are for naught, they will give up and get with the program.

If you have a reading routine at night, I say do it, then put your little one to bed, say goodnight and leave his room for the night.  They learn to soothe themselves... a secure toddler is a happy toddler.  If you keep going back in reaction to his cries, it prolongs the painful process.  It's hard... just remember that if you are consistent, soon he will be sleeping on his own and take another step toward self-reliance and security.  This is what we want, right?

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