My Myspace is too slow!

Is Myspace getting slower and slower on your PC, or is your entire computer slowing down? is so popular (more and more popular each day) that sometimes the Myspace servers or internet connection becomes overwhelmed. During these busy times, Myspace is slow for everybody, and there is nothing you can do, other than to wait until the congestion clears.

Has Myspace AND your whole computer gotten slower?

If everything on your computer has gotten slower, then your PC might have spy-ware or viruses, your hard drive may be fragmented or your Windows registry may have become corrupted.

There are many programs that you can download, sometimes even for free, that will check your computer for errors, spyware, disk-fragmentation and other lesser-known problems. Running these programs will check your computer, hard-drive, registry, and Windows settings and let you know if anything is wrong. After fixing the problems your computer will be as good as new, and as fast as ever.

How to keep your computer running fast (without spending any money)

Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer

You can avoid spyware on your computer by using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer when you are on the internet. Firefox is FREE, and is available from Google. Firefox looks and works just like Internet Explorer - after installing Firefox, just use the Firefox icon to surf the web instead of the Internet Explorer icon. You do not need to uninstall Internet Explorer, and you can use them both at the same time.

Get FREE Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Firefox AND MORE - from Google!

Google now offers the "Google-Pack" - Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Firefox and more options all bundled together, for FREE! You can use some or all of the GooglePack programs to prevent and cure spyware and viruses.

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