Your Smartphone Can Now Keep You From Getting Sick


This is a QR codeIf you wondered what it is the mobile revolution can do for your health, the news is positive. There is an app for that. The problem is that you will need to live in Canada, Western United States, New York and Massachusetts to enjoy it. It uses a special code called a "QR code".

Dinesafe is the name of the web site that provides a comprehensive database of restaurant health inspections for 271,198 eating establishments. They use a QR code to present to those with smartphones the inspection histories of restaurants. A quick scan of the square code takes the smartphone's browser directly to the Dinesafe site. Unfortunately, the exact restaurant will not show up automatically yet. The people at Dinesafe are still working on that. What does show up is a place to input the name of the restaurant or an address.

Smartphones can download a QR code reader for free for Android or iOS products. There are many free or paid options for both mobile operating systems. The paid ones are of course going to have more options in them. Dinesafe is ahead in the city of Toronto with their own free app that shows the health inspection reports of restaurants in the Toronto area. Do you wonder if they are washing their hands in the restaurant you wish to eat at? Not a problem. It is included in this iPhone app.

As you can see, this type of smartphone app can actually keep you from getting sick. The people who make the iPhone app available are quck to put out a disclaimer. They attempt to keep their database up to date but will not be responsible for "discrepancies between information" posted in the app and the inspection reports posted on food premises.

Keeping away from unhealthy eating establishments with your smartphone is a brand new notion. This past Monday was the first time health inspectors starting issuing signs with a QR code in them. All that is required to read them is the QR code reader in the smartphone. It sure beats asking the restaurant manager where his inspection report is located after you are inside the building. QR codes are not foolproof though. It is possible for an unethical restaurant owner to paste their own QR code over the QR code of the health department, showing that their establishment is supposedly "clean". It could really mean the cockroaches have taken over. If you notice a QR code has some glue around it, it is wise to be "safe" rather than "sorry".





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