Smartphones Outselling Feature Phones

Generic SmartphoneSmartphones have been growing in popularity recently; there is no denying that, and this week the official report from the International Data Corporation shows that smartphones are finally overtaking feature phones. For the first time ever in the worldwide market smartphones accounted for 51.6% of all cell phones shipped during the first quarter.
This is a big achievement for all smartphone manufacturers because it clearly shows just how fast the smartphone has caught on. Everywhere in the world, smartphones are becoming the standard rather than a "luxury" item. Not surprisingly, Samsung is the undisputed champion since they shipped more phones than the next 4 manufacturers combined.
Unfortunately since smartphones are catching  on it only makes sense that American providers will likely start trying to raise prices once again. Every time a major story about cell phone sales comes out it seems like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and everyone else wants to start charging more. Hopefully they can keep the prices low but unfortunately history seems to dictate that we will all be paying more soon.





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