So private Facebook accounts, right?

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So private Facebook accounts, right?

So here's the thing.

There is this girl I went to school with a few years back, and I've found her facebook page.

Great right? Well her account is less than bare and she doesn't com on often. I've sent her a friend request, but I'm not sure if she's gotten it or not. I've liked this girl since we went to school, but I dropped out for a job, and haven't seen her since. I think we clicked, but I didn't have a phone back then either.

So long story short, I'm trying to re-connect with her, but her account wont let me message her (Most likely private account) so I was just wondering is there any way to bypass the privacy thing and send her a message even without an accepted request? Trust me, this isn't some stalker crap. I just want her to know it's me, and I'm trying to re-connect with her. After that, I'm more than positive that she'll accept the request and the world will be all sunshine and lollipops for me.

Anyway, thanks.


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Re: So private Facebook accounts
You can't bypass the security thing. She will get your friend request next time she logs in if you really'clicked she will accept.

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